Saturday, February 25, 2006

Go Go Gadget Internet!!

Yay! Just got an email from Optus saying my ADSL will be connected on the 7 March 2006! Thats almost 1 week after the new pooter will be delivered!! Argh... Why can't they do it earlier?!?!

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Friday, February 24, 2006

More toys for the boys!

Oh God... My friends know I'm into photography and spent much money in upgrading my gear to be fully digital. The unfortunate thing about digital cameras has been the fact that they are much heavier than their film counter parts. That was one issue that has stopped me investing in digital earlier (that and Lulu - oh God.. I dont think this text is small enough for her to not see it!).

I own a Canon Rebel XT, aka Canon 350D. Only have had it for about 6 months. Love it to bits. Its pretty much the entry level DSLR that Canon has, yet it packs a lot of features that I'll never use! Being a DSLR it is more capable of producing artistic shots than the average compact digital. I'm not saying a compact can't produce good shots.. I've taken bloody fine shots with a compact... You just get more artistic freedom with a DSLR!

Two of the major benefits are the fact you get quality pictures even when you increase your ISO really high. Pictures often look grainy and have (digital) noise when using high ISO's with a compact. My Rebel XT produces relatively clean, noise free pictures at even higher ISO's than my little compact (Canon A70 discontinued model).

If you have active kids, pets or like to take pictures of fast action like sports, DSLR's can often take 3 to 5 shots in 1 second so you don't miss the moment. Tip: this is called continuous shooting. Start shooting abit before and continue to abit after the action. You get a series of shots where you can pick the best ones to keep and you increase the chance of getting the perfect shot this way.

Oh I could rant on more about DSLR's and in particular my 350D but I won't bore you with it - I'll leave that and other tips for other posts!!!

Oh yeah.. the reason I started this rant is that Canon has announced a new model in their DSLR range - the Canon 30D. Ooer.. I so want one!! But then again I'm more than happy with my 350D!!! I've taken heaps of pics of my neices since I've been home!!

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How do you....?

How do you make a Geek Boy wet himself with pleasure?

Have Dell call him up on a Friday afternoon to inform him his new pooter will be delivered before lunchtime on the following Wednesday!! Woohoo!

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[I suspect I should check what the tag for wetting returns - but hey I'll live on the edge alittle]

Gosh I feel better now!

I think I haven't exercises properly for about 3 months. No wonder I was feeling rather fat and lathagic! No energy. No enthusiasm. So this morning I got out the old exercise ball and followed up with a swim downstairs in the gym. I rememeber a whole bunch of us all bought one of those balls at a Body, Mind and Spirit Festival ages ago in Darling Harbour, Sydney. This was probably the first time I used it in anger.

Come to think of it... that festival was the first time I came across Reiki (you should try it!), and had my aura photo taken.

Feeling good now! I just now need more sleep. Did 15 hours at the office yesterday so I didn't get to sleep until 3am!!

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We were so lucky!

With 2 years living in London and many airline flights later I reckon Lulu and I were really lucky not to have lost luggage or anything. Come to think of it, we mostly took carry on and didn't have any checkin. That's the trick I think!

Read this article about luggage tampering and peoples' experiences.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nice Shoes.

Bet you thought this would be a post from Lulu.. or from Denzil complaining about Lulu's proliferation of shoes.... But NO!

Check out these night time running shoes... Soooo UberGeek!! They have the means to convert kinetic energy into light!! phwoar how cool is that!!

You now can have self powered shoes that light up at night. I so want a pair.

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Can't Wait!

Oooer... My new pc delivery is expected to be 6 March. I can't wait!!! If I could get out and push the airplane to make it go faster I would!!!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yo Fat B@stard!

My youngest niece is only a few months old and is always stretching and making noises.. just like any other baby I suppose.

A cute little thing she is and she seems to like her Uncle Denzil. Especially when I talk to her. Unfortunately I've taken the habit of doing the Fat B@stard routine of "I'm higher on the food chain than you! Get into my belly!! Babyback, babyback, babyback ribs!"

And even when I pick her up I can usually get her to stop crying! Maybe she just likes boys! hahaha. No I'm not getting Clucky!! But she is just adorable to hold!! :D And why do I think fresh baby smell is so nice?!?!

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AC/DC: "Dirty deeds done dirt cheap"

Anti Christ / Devil's Children. That's what they were saying about AC/DC in their hayday. This has ofcourse has little relivance to the fact that I have done a dirty deed, and I did it dirty cheap.

It was a nasty business. I bought Dell. I also willingly once signed up with... wait for it... A.O.L. as an ISP (when I was back in the UK). Strip me of my I.T. credentials! It wasn't actually too bad a deal. $AUD1600 gets me a 3.4Ghz P4 with HT, 1 Gb Ram, 250Gb HDD, 19" LCD Ultra Sharp monitor. Delivery within working 10 days. Just in time for Optus ADSL to be connected - 1500kbs... sweet...

Can you hear me rubbing my hands together greedily?!?! hahaahaha.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Typical Conversations.

Typical conversations with my mate goes like this:

mate : bak soon mate.. just popping around a clients office
mate : i.e down the corridor
dwagn: u mean the dunny?
mate : it really is an office
dwagn : like the ??

Ahh.. Them were indeed " Happy Days"!!!

The dream Valentine's Date.

You know you want him...
You know you do...

Aint that a ' song?!?!?

Don't you wish your Boyfriend was hot like me?
Don't you wish your Boyfriend was rawwww like me?!?
Don't cha??

you gotta love him, especially at

Valentines Day

Love is in the air.

It can only be Valentines Day.

Lulu scores free preview tickets to "Date Movie" (new movie with Sophie Monk.. hot diggetty, shake that bootie). The perfect Valentine's Day movie. It's funny... It's sexy... and worth every cent we paid to watch it - $0.00!!! Even though I enjoyed it... laughed with it... I think its a video rental movie. On second thoughts seeing Sophie Monk in wet in a swimsuit coming out of the pool might just tip the scales! Dang! Seeing Alyson Hannigan's getting "pimp'd" by the West Coast Customs crew was hilarious (if you haven't seen Pimp My Ride its a MUST SEE). Also helps she looks good in a LBD (Little Black Dress).

Dinner. The finest of finest cruisine. Nothing too expensive for this once in a year occasion. And she chooses McDonalds!!! Ok.. We were on a time constraint and couldnt afford the time for a proper (read decent) meal. Perhaps I need more tips from Kathleen about how to talk/treat women!! hahaha.

[trailers: here and here]
Pimp My Ride Offical Website]
[McDonalds Website - not sure why you'd want to go here willingly but here you go]

Monday, February 13, 2006

Transformers. More than meets the eye.

Perhaps its another case of science mimicking fiction but check out what the latest Japanese researchers are doing with robots:
Check it out!

*hums the theme music*

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'm not fat.. but i'm NOT SKINNY!

Friend: even though you're skinny you should stille xercise
Denzil: instead of skinny i prefer the term 'horizontally challeged' myself

Its not my fault I can't put on weight!!!

I remember a time when I used to work at North Sydney. Going home one day some chic handed me a flyer.. I look at it and its a weight loss program. Obviously she doesn't read her own flyers because if she did I wouldn't have been given one.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Use the Force Luke. Science describes the Force from Star Wars.

"The Force is what gives the Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together." [quote from The Tao of Star Wars]

Fantastical Science? Weird Science? But scientists have discovered "the Zero Point Field - an ocean of subatomic vibrations in the space between things - connects everything in the universe, much like the Force in Star Wars". [quote from Shoutwire article]

hmmm.. I just want to start to develop my Force powers. Jump higher. Run faster. Move objects without touching them. Impose my will on the weak. I shall be EMPEROR!! I command thee to OBEY!!! MWOAHAHAHHAA!

Now where did I leave my lightsabre??!?! Will Lulu do the Princess Leia hair buns!?!? And why am I obsessed with them?!?!?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm no gamer...

I like computer games. I admit it. But for some reason I suck terribly with it.

When I was young I never had the money/coinage to play the pinnies, let alone the space invaders, pacman, and frogger games that came out. I suppose I never really developed that level of hand-eye coordination.

Still I like computer games... and being a product of the modern world I also have a short attention span and get fed up with games pretty fast when I can't progress fast enough or get stuff. Perhaps thats why I tend to play games at the easiest level. I suck. I know it. RTS (Real Time Strategy) games are generally what I play these days. They're generally all the same. Some just have prettier graphics. So it surprises me that I haven't gotten bored with the entire genre.

The latest that I've been playing is Age of Empires 3 - AoE3 (published by Microsoft). Like pretty much all games these days, you can save a game to continue playing later. But for the life of me I haven't figured out how to, after loading the save game, to actually continue it. You see after loading the game is paused. Fair enough I say, but for the life of me I can't find/figure out how to resume play!! Its a good thing I tend to only play the single player skirmishes and not the storyline game. Of course I've searched around on the net for hotkeys and found sites like this one ... close but no joy.

AoE3 is a great game which I enjoy. Infact I've enjoyed all of the games in the AoE franchise. The software engine itself was so good that it was used for a Star Wars version - Star Wars : Galactic Battlegrounds. They even had a Clone Campaigns expansion pack. That it truely enjoyed.

I think its the blowing things up with an army (hopefully one thats invincible - and not because of any cheats I've used - I wouldn't do that!)part of RTS games that I enjoy. Weird because I don't actually believe in violence. Perhaps its the animal in me. GRRRR

Unfortunately I'm currently stuck to playing on my laptop. Soon I'm going to get myself a new PC.

Fellow geeks don't laugh. And don't think less of me when I say this. I'm going to get a DELL. YES - this time around I'm not going to build my own. DELL actually does satisfy my needs very well. And I don't want to be wasting time fiddling with homebrewed PC trying to fix bizzare incompatibilities like I have in the past.

So long, fairwell.. you know the rest.

Tuesday was a sad day.

Lulu's flatmate of 3 years moved out!!! (ok I admit Lulu and I were in London for 2 of those years). Winnie is now in Hong Kong with her man enjoying the delights of the "fragrant river". The lights. The shopping. The races. And my personal favourite the food.

Ok ok.. I also admit the shopping is also one of my favourites there.. but I'm talking about MAN shopping... you know the kind... cameras, electronics.. computers... gadgets of all sorts.

*sigh* I guess when Winnie gets married *hint*hint* I'll have to go with an empty suitcase to fill it up!!.

We're missing you already Winnie! Even Lulu's mum was so upset she lost sleep!!

Hoping to have photos from her goodbye dinner/karaoke up soon.

Beam me Scotty.

In a bid to create his dream home Tony Alleyne, 52, has spent $71,000 transforming his home Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK, into a replica of the starship Voyager from the Star Trek franchise.

Some may call him a fan, or even a Fan, I think I'd call him a fanatic myself.

His home is complete with touch screen blue panel lighting, a transporter room, command console and even special lighting to pretend to "beam me up Scotty". (Denzil: ok Trekkies will note that Scotty is from the original series and not Voyager)

2 loans and 14 credit cards his Voyager seems to have left space dock without him and now he's bankrupt with debt totalling almost $400,000. Ouch!

Personally if I were to spend that much on a makeover, I think I'd be more Star Wars inclined. But I think I'd never get that past Lulu!!!

Original article here.