Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pretty in Pink

I couldn't resist walking past this shop without taking a picture of this cute little outfit on display! Its such a trendy outfit I wish it came in my size!
Oh dear...I'm getting clucky again!

Monday, April 25, 2005

The Weekend

After a nice day shopping (while Denzil watched Doctor Who at home!) we met up with my colleague friend Carmen to go to Virginie's 40th Birthday party. After a nice detour through residential Clapham, we eventually found the party venue the Artesian Well.
As you can see from the pics we all had a very fun night full of drinkies, good 80s/90s music and of course cake!

After a late night, Denzil and I managed to get up and head out to meet Cindy at 10.30am. We went to the Columbia Rd Flower Market. Although we had no intention to buy any flowers we thought it'd be a nice day out and nice to check out all the little cute anitquey shops too. The market was lovely despite the overcrowding of people pushing through with their large pot plants and bunches of flowers. If we were living in London permantly we'd be one of them too!We spent the rest of the late arvo in Chinatown stocking up on the usual essentials (Nissan instant noodles for Denzil) and a lazy evening by the telly.

Virginies BirthdayZelda, Lulu and Carmen
Virginie's Birthday CakeCarmen, Virginie and Lulu
Virginie, Denzil and Lulu

Friday, April 22, 2005

Pimp My Ride

If you are lucky enough to have Sky/Foxtel/Cable at home you may have seen a show called "Pimp My Ride". In a nutshell it’s a typical American show about a group of guys who get together, pick the most ordinary people who own run-down cars/bikes/vans/trucks or whatever and give them a complete makeover, pimp-styled!
Some of the conversions these guys do are absolutely hilarious and have to be seen to believe! Its a good laugh if you're ever bored.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Despite popular belief

Despite popular belief I do no, I repeat, DO NOT break out in a rash if I don't have internet access.

Monday, April 04, 2005

On the Starwars Boxsets

The boxsets were actually rather cool despite having Eva calling the Nokia 3220 a granny phone (a reference to the fact its an old model). Either way its an upgrade from my old nokia which is not colour, has no camera, can not play polyphonic ring tones, does not run JME games, etc etc etc...

Since we have two of these boxsets we'll probably ebay one of them.

Star Wars freebies

The Orange store on Kings Rd, Sloane Square had advertised free Star Wars collectors boxes to the first 25 people and Orange freebie bags to the next 100. So on Saturday morning at 8.45am Denz and I rocked up to the store to see if we could score some freebies. I'm not a big Star Wars fan but Denzil is so I knew he'd like to go.

In queue infront of us included deticated Star Wars fans dressed up as their favourite characters. This included Yoda, Darth Vada, Queen Amidala, Jedis, and a high beaming Princess Leia (ask Denzil about Princess Leia). As soon as the store opened at 9, they turned on the movie soundtrack and appeared a very tall Darth Vada. By then, Denzil's eyes had lit up with excitment and we were soon moving into the store!

We weren't too sure what we were going to be getting except some Star Wars memorabilia so I wasn't too excited. We both got a silver box each containing, a Darth Vada phone holder, a Chubaka furred mobile pouch, some Star Wars phone covers, a special edition Yoda top up card and a FREE Nokia 3220 mobile phone! Better thing is, we didnt have to sign up to anything!

Denzil was evenmore excited now and being the usual Denzil, he brought his digital camera but forgot to recharge his batteries! Desperate to get some pics we went across the road to Boots (UK quivalent of Priceline) and bought some batteries. He managed to get a few pics (i'll post them abit later) but missed out on Princess Leia. That was our excitment for the day.

We spent the rest of day shopping on Kings Road whilst enjoying the nice sunny (yes sunny) weather. Later on that night we went to a party at the Clapham Tandori household (aka Jody, Tammie, Shane & Co who live above Clapham Tandori Indian restaurant).

Lulu's Blogging Bitch...

The last few week weeks have seen a power struggle between Lulu and I develop. Since I've started my new job... (I'll blog that later) I have been pretty much been abit mentally exhausted when it comes to computers and that means no blogging from me.

Lulu, despite having blogged before, quite simply refuses and states "I don't blog and its your [ie denzil's] responsibility [to blog]".

In an effort to break to empasse I agreed to blog about our 2 recent trips: Belfast (the one and only home of the IRA) in Ireland, and Stockholm, Sweden. This I would do if she blogs about our Saturaday's adventures that saw us score some pretty cool.. well I better let her tell that tale.

And in offering 2 blogs to her 1, there is no doubt a precident being made that makes me her blogging bitch.

[note to self... she'll expect me to blog all trips from now on too]

Friday, April 01, 2005

News from the "Metro"... and I'm glad I didn't give up the day job...

Some weird and funny shit reported over there at the Metro.

Re: Magician's Rabbit story: For those that don't know, at one time in my youth all those many moons ago, I was into magic. No, not the slay the demon type, or wicca stuff, I mean the card and coin tricks type. But after reading this story I'm glad I didn't give up the day job.

Re: 22 cases of 'ignition or melting of nightwear': I'm so glad I don't like baked beans... and I definitely don't eat it for dinner despite the fact they have no fat in them (prolly no nutritional value at all for that matter).

Oh.. just incase you were wondering, the ignition/melting was really caused by cigarettes or electric blankets.