Sunday, February 10, 2008

We've Adopted Again.


We've been in negotiations Steva Inc and it all came together today when their agents delivered our new kids this morning. I must admit I was abit unprepared because they arrived earlier than expected. So after the agents left I made sure the kids were bedded down and not too stressed out, then headed out to pickup some much needed supplies.

It took me a while to completely set up but its all been put together the fish tank is all up and running now.: plants have been planted, driftwood drifting, the filter primed and flowing, and most importantly the kiddies are in.

We've adopted 4 angel fish. We just have to think of new names now.

Lulu doesn't yet know that the tank is here. She's been enjoying the sights of New Zealand on a work business trip. Lucky gal!

But on the other hand I;ve had the new widescreen TV all to myself this weekend. The quality of the Starwars DVD on it is beginning to look abit dated. Compared to the quality of Peter Jackson's King Kong, it just doesn't stack up.

Maybe I'll have to buy them all over again when it comes out on blue ray..... ;)

Will post pictures soon.