Wednesday, November 30, 2005

4 Weeks notice

Yep..I've done it..I've given my 4 weeks notice. Time is going so fast - i can't believe i've only got another 3.5 weeks work left at BA ;(

Monday, November 28, 2005


Denzil's an uncle again!
Selwyn, Maria and little Kaitlyn welcomed their new family member on Thursday 24th Nov at 11.45pm. She's a little girl weighing only 2.71kg!
We're looking forward to meeting the newest Chong member in January.

Congratulations Selwyn, Maria & Kaitlyn!!

Guess who's in town?

Oh my gawd! Yes its Patrick Swayze! hahaha
Denz heard on the radio this morning he'll be in London for a film premier in Leicester Sq. I'm so excited! Denz is going to try to get some photos for me!! Now I really wished I didnt work so far from the city.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

weekend markets

Last weekend was spent going to various markets around London. The weather is getting really cold now but that didn't stop us going out!
Saturday morning we firstly met up with Cindy at Borough Market. Its purely a fresh produce market. Jamie Oliver apparently pays frequent visits too! Although everyones intentions are to do their grocery shopping, ours were mainly to take photos (especially Denzil!).

We got some really great pics of organic veggies/fruit, fresh seafood, bread & pastries and gourmet cheeses and olives - plenty shots for windows wall paper! We had lunch there at one of the many hot food stalls. We shared a salty beef with mustard baguette roll, hot apple juice with cinnamon and some very chocolatey brownies - mmmm... (photos to follow of the brownies!)

Lily & Andrew then joined us for the punk-central Camden markets. I love Camden coz its always buzzing with people and theres always something interesting to see! Whether its the punks or goths hanging around the streets or all the little stores selling alternative crafts or funky clothing stores, its always a cool place to hangout and soak up the diverse atmosphere.

My favourite shop there has to be Cyberdog. Its a huge punk clothing shop that looks more like a nightclub. All day and night it plays hardcore house & dance music in dark lit rooms full of glow-in-the-dark apparrel and its always interesting to see what the shop assistants are wearing too! Its definately an eye opener.

Sunday we all headed out to Spitalfields Market. This market is more the designer-crafty-type alternative to Paddington market in Sydney. They have recently extended the market so it was packed with people by the time we got there. We didn't spend too much time there mainly because it was way too crowded and bloody cold! So later on, we caught up with Lily & my cousin, Amy and Menelik for something to eat.

I'm definately gonna miss the markets here when we leave.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Denzil and Irfan

Sometimes I wonder about Denzil and his male colleagues...

Denzil Chong wrote:

Irffie and I just moisturized together… awww… :D hahaha


What we've been up to recently

Lily my sister flew over from Jo'burg to London last week and I took a couple of days off and went shopping with her. She wanted to get all her shopping out of the way before Andrew arrived so they would have more time to do more touristy things. We managed to do Regent St and Oxford St and of course my favourite bargain shop Primark!

Last Friday, Cindy & Bel came over for dinner after work. It was a busy week so it was nice to wind down over a home cooked meal and a bottle of red wine.

On Saturday, Andrew arrived and we spent the morning catching up. We then all headed into Soho to attend our friends Cheryl (Denz's ex-colleague) and Corin's farewell. They are going back to NZ so it will be a while 'til we next see them.
Their farewell was at the Guanabara Bar - a Brazillian night club that had half price drinks until 7pm! We arrived nice and early so we could make the most of Happy hour and by 8pm the club was packed and pumping with people, music and more people. It was a great night out but sad to see them leave.

Sunday morning we had a nice sleep in. Lily had organised a get together to celebrate Andrew's B'day, so we all went to an English plub called The Holly Bush in Hampstead. We pretty much spent the whole afternoon there. By the time we left the pub at 5pm, it was already pitch dark(you know its winter in England when it gets dark at 4)!

Monday Andrew, Lily, Denz & I met up with Tedman and Annie for dinner at a chinese restaurant called Phoenix Palace. We had a selection of Crab, duck, tofu, prawns and veggies...mmm. Our tummies were very satisfied.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

She doesn't know it yet...

Lulu is fanatical about Australian Idol. I think it's worse that we're in London because its hard to see episodes and two, she watches to mock / cringe at the Ozzie accent. Without a doubt her favourite and hopeful to win is Emily, and she doesn't really like any of the blokes.

She'd be very upset if one of the blokes won. They just don't seem as strong as the sheilas.

She'll be happy to know that the final will be an all-girl shootout between Emily and Kate.

Lulu's faith in the Australian public's taste has finally been restored...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Daily Horoscopes

This a real horoscope that was shown on public transport in London.

Sagitarious (Denzil): The universe comes together to bring you closer to your loved one.
Capricorn (Lulu): Your relationship is definitely over.

Weird. Contradictory horoscopes. Horror-scopes. With predictions like these its no wonder people don't really believe in this stuff. Still it amuses me reading them (but then the daily comic strips also amuse me).