Sunday, July 16, 2006

Friday Night Pics

Lily + Andrew = LandrewEva, Tina and Lulu
Eric, CC, Eva, and TinaVi, Lulu and CC
Steph, and DenzilLulu + Denzil = Lenzil, or Denzil + Lulu = Dulu

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Remind me again...

A mate gave me this link about a Dell laptop containing a hidden key logger.  The scary part is that it is apparently Department of Home Security approved!

Remind me again why I bought a Dell desktop

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No Comment.

No comment. I'm sure Lulu will make enough of them when she sees this one!!

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Yes I am...

Yes I think I am better off for having read the verbal jousting on this website: how does Superman...

The funny things you find when I follow your own Technorati tags about haircuts...
and if your really interested more about hair.. check this site out

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Should I do it?

Occasionally some of the junk emails I get on hotmail are interesting.  This one is about an attorney changed careers and became a travel photographer.

hmm.. friends of mine will know that I like photography.  I do not think at this stage I have all the required skills to turn pro, but what the hell wouldn't it be fun?

Here's the article: Switching Gears.

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Gone in 0.1 seconds...

Manicurist of the most northern lawns...

They weld humming razors, sharp knives and all manner of toxic chemicals around your heads.  If it was the medical profession they'd be fully licensed and have to update their skills yearly.  And yet we give these folk unbridled rein to the tops of our heads.

Perhaps I was scared in childhood.  A flaw in the Chinese way of cutting our kids hair.  Oh yes, I must be traumatised as a child.  I have memories of my father (or even mum) breaking out the scissors, and that awful comb thing with the razor blade in it (yes the very one that Lulu now tells me is damaging to your hair... it gives you split ends). 

But I digress...

My head of unkept lawn had moved on from the beginning stages of a mullet... that fashionable statement made by Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon.  Worse yet the hedges over my ears and my sideburns truly had gone feral.  Perhaps I was waiting for the wildlife to settle in.

So there I thought, perhaps its time... and I found myself at my usual haircut place.  I never have any problems there when the owner cuts my hair.  That should have been the only warning I needed when the lady started hacking at my hedges and sideburns with the hairdressers equivalent of a whippersnipper - the electric shears.

It truly happened in slow motion. Or so it seemed.  A flick of the wrist here, a flick there, and one big one THERE.... and my sideburns, well nothing was left except for the 5 o'clock shadow where they once stood as proudly as Elvis's.  Gone in 0.1 seconds.

Anger... numbness. frustration.

She must have realised what she just did because she quickly went to the other side to even things out.  So I stopped her there to inspect the damage.

I actually let her finish me off.  Why, I don't know.  Except for the sideburns it actually was a pretty decent haircut.  Atleast when I told them I wasn't happy about the sideburns I got it for free.

Ironically Lulu likes it.

Oh.. for my international readers who might not know what a whippersnipper is, its one of those power tools used to trim hedges, etc.  It has blade or nylon cord that spins to cut the grass and is either petrol or electric powered.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Whilst Casey and I are waiting for the next 10mins to tick by (with Prince's "Cream" cranked up on the stereo), i get a call for Casey as she is on the other line.
Its regarding a flight a passenger is questioning if it is correct, so i take his number and advise we'll call him back.
Casey then tells me that was The Biggest Loser - Adro! I didnt even realise! Being so lame I call my sister to tell her who i just spoke to and Casey calls her friend to say the same! haha...we're such dags. Well we've got his mobile now!

rockmans outlet

My colleague had a wardrobe malfunction today. On her way in today her heel snapped off her boots so she had to limp the rest of the way to work and walk around the office in her socks. She's also stressing what to wear to the ball on Saturday as she hates dress ups.

So I had a great idea and drove her to the Rockmans factory outlet in Waterloo. I emailed Rockman's queen Eva to get the address details and she kindly replied back to me straight away (thanks!).

Here I found myself saying in the office: "Everythings $10!!! you're bound to find something! Its huge!". I felt like a promoter for the fashion chain. Eva will be proud of me!!
I also then googled Rockmans reduced warehouse and to my suprise Steph & Eva's blog came up!! We girls just love a good bargain!