Sunday, December 19, 2004


Women. Sometimes they really do astonish me. One of Lulu's oldest friends comes online and says hi to her. Lu wasn't actually on the computer, I was. I said two words to her friend... I said "hey kathleen".... and yet she knew it wasn't Lu.

Two words!! How in the world did she know that!

Women... A constant source of amazement....
EEEEEWWWW!!! That looks like I rolled around in some rather fresh cow patties. It's actually hair dye. Lulu was so excited about dying my hair that I just couldn't refuse her. If you want to see the finished result you'll have to meet up with us!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Procrastinator's Handbook

The irony of it. I was going to buy "The Procrastinator's Handbook", even added it to the online shopping cart and was about to checkout but couldn't be bothered.

Queer Eye Optional...

Not everyone has access to a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but I reckon with this book you wouldn't stray too far.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Only in Japan...

Only in Japan. The Lonely Man's Cushion.

Banana Bread

Made banana bread today and learnt a few lessons along the way.
  1. Don't forget to add the yeast - its best to add the yeast before you add the water and the first kneading of the bread.
  2. Too much water is bad and makes the dough sticky - I added the correct amount of water, actually it was milk and water but I also added 2 eggs. What I should have done was reduce the amount of water used.
  3. Add the bananas at the start - its easier to add mashed bananas at the start than kneading it in later.
  4. Most importantly that non-stick bread tin is NOT non-stick
  5. Cleaning the oven from overflow from the rising dough in the bread tin is a pain in the arse.

B & B - Bruge and Brussels

Friday - Monday (10th-13th Dec). We had a 4 day weekend, a day in beautiful Bruge and 3 in Brussels. We hadn't heard of Bruge before we came to London but our flatmate suggested we go as it is very pictureque and postcard beautiful. I'm glad we took her advice as it was everything she said and more. My memory of the town is filled with spending hours in chocolate shops. Needless to say there's so much chocolate here the streets are paved with it. Every other shop is a chocolate shop. After visiting the chocolate museum I had dreams of coming back home to Sydney to set up business, and had to be restrained from buying chocolate molds in antipation of my triumphant return.

Brussels, part brrrr when its -1 or -3 degrees, and part mussels. After Bruge, Brussels is not as pretty by far and reminded me of parts of inner city Sydney - Redfern. They do have wonderful waffles, chocolates (much more expensive than Bruge too) and mussels. If you like beer they have many fine ones to choose from. Kriek is a cherry beer with about 5% alcohol. Its sweet. If you like Ribena then try the rasberry beer. At 2.5% you can't taste the alcohol and is extremely easy to drink. I drank more beer than Lulu. Gotta find a rasberry beer supply in Sydney when I get home !!


Me just walking down the street. Sometimes Lulu catches me on camera unexpectently in some really weird off beat positions.Main square of Bruge at night where the christmas markets and ice skating is held.
Just us having fun in the square.  


Two things that Belguim is renown for - waffles and chocolate - combined!! That is what you call indulgence and glutony!! What else is Brussels renown for?!!? MUSSELS!!! This pot of 30-40 of the tasty morsels were cooked in garlic and cream... there was enough garlic to keep an army of vampires and one girlfriend away :( 
Manneke Pis - the statue of the pissing boy. What I want to know is why it is so famous. Main square in Brussels all lit up with lasers, christmas trees and coloured lights. 
Meeting up with Lulu's work mates - Virginie and Carmen (in black top).  

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

London weather in Sydney

After all our friends telling us about the brilliant sunny weather in Sydney, I read about hellish storm weather hitting. All that rain and hail one week before we head home... It better get back to being hot and sunny by the time we touch down!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Birthday Dinner

I attempted the lemon, mustard, herb and soy chicken again for my birthday dinner. This time i used more soy and mustard, abit too much as I couldn't taste enough of the lemon and it was all marinated for about 24 hours. It did have better colour with a nice brown but not as brown as my mum makes.


A year older.

I remember the Coffee Festivals back in Sydney. Crowds of people tasting the finest coffee the world has to offer. $1 a cup and being high on caffine. Those were joyous days oh so long ago. On year we lined up for free milk samples. Everyone got small half litre bottles. Somehow I got a full litre, somebody apparently thought a person of my age requires the extra calcium....

Another year I got there before all my friends and got a free sample bag. When the others came along I got them sample bags too. Everyone got sample lipstick, ground coffee and vouchors. I got ground coffee, vouchours and "Nightly Eye Cream".

Shopping through Harvey Nichols I walk up to a counter of hair gels, creams, etc. The sales girl offers me some free samples that I just couldn't refuse. I did refuse but she gave them to me anyway, she was quite insistant. On walking past a mirror I realised why she insisted. Dry skin, flaky skin, old and wrinkley.


Narelle, my former college at AMPCO, used to call me "metrosexual" I certainly wasn't on that day. Before I met Lulu I hardly ever moisturised.

These days at my peak (which I confess i'm over) my nightly beauty regime far exceeded that of Lulu's and stood at about 5 steps.

I hope I look this good when I'm sixty-four....

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Latest cooking successes.

Here are some of my latest successes in the kitchen. "I think therefore I can" cook.

Pasta lunch from a few days ago. Pasta shells, peas, tuna and sauce. Tonight's dinner. Drumsticks in lemon, seeded mustard, mixed herbs, olive oil and soy sauce. Oven roasted and tasted good! 

Friday, December 03, 2004

day at work

Today I spent most of my day at the airport! Three colleagues and I went on an Air Canada Airport famil at London Heathrow Airport.

My day went as follows:
9am-Arrived at work-checked my emails & had my coffee

10am-Left work and caught the shuttle bus to Terminal 3

10.30am-Met the Sales Rep who escorted us to get our security passes. Two of the passes were filled incorrectly, so the airport security wouldn't let us all through. So we waited at the checkin seating area while the Sales Rep went to sort it out.

11.30am-We finally got our passes and we visited the Arrivals lounge (purely only for Business Class travellers) and stopped for morning tea.

12.00noon- We then inspected some Air Canada aircrafts. We got to see the Airbus and a Boeing 767. I love planes! Pity these ones didn't take off while we were in them.

1pm-Next we got to stand behind the checkin counters and observe the checkin staff work. This may sound boring but it was actually really interesting and fun to see how it all works on the other side of the counter!

1.30pm-The sales rep then escorted us to the Departures lounge (once again only entitled to business class travellers). Air Canada share the lounge with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) so the whole lounge decor looked like an Ikea store! We had a glass of wine and some nibbles in the lounge before heading back to the office.

3pm-We arrived back into the office and I finally did some work.

5pm-Finished work and went to the gym!

Property Property Property!!

Two people now have said to me that the property market back in Sydney has cooled off and prices have begun to fall. By the time Lulu and I get back to Sydney it might be time I seriously look at something to buy. There are a lot of tv shows here in London about doing up properties and selling them on for a profit. Wouldnt mind do that a few times back home to build up some money. Hard work it would be though.

Other shows have people relocating to Europe from the UK mostly for the lifestyle... and the sunshine (something that doesn't really happen here in London: 3 days/year compared to 300 days/year in Sydney). Admittantly the people doing it are usually of retiring age but some are younger going to some tropical island. I wouldn't mind a European holiday house/investment property somewhere in France or Spain. $UK80-$UK90,000 could do it. Then again thats money I don't have.

Dream on Denzil, dream on.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

More stress than a fighter pilot!!

And you thought State Rail (in Sydney) is bad check this out:

Latest research shows that people catching the Tube (London's train network) have more stress than combat fighter pilots and policemen in riot conditions. Much of the stress is due to the sardine like conditions and delays often experienced by commuters. Most people waste about 5 years travelling on the Tube and go into a zombie like state. Experts suggests doing something constructive like reading a book or magazine instead of zoning out and listening to music.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hair Mood: BAD

Just saw myself in the mirror (after getting out of bed)... having such a bad hair day. Lu would be horrified or laugh incessently.

Sorry no photos.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Bread Epilogue

Ok so the bread looked reasonable and eatable... ant it was too. It just that it was abit rubbery and wasn't as soft nor white as commercial bread.

Still have a long way to go to become the baker to Kings.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Denzil made dinner!

The stuffed capsicums about to go into the oven for baking The dinner that Denzil made.... Stuffed capsicums (mince, peas and cheese baked) with potato. 

Second attempt... we have BREAD!

Two times lucky and we have bread captain! This time it didn't start in disaster with me using the wrong side of the measuring cup. Best thing was that the bread was even eatable!!!

Bare ingredients. Flour, yeast, salt, and oil. The dough after kneading. 
The dough after kneading and letting it rise twice. The finished bread and buns.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Emergency Nissan Noodle Stash...

Last week there was an emergency with the Emergency Nissan Noodle Stash. I had run out! Oh the pain, oh the horror, I just couldn't stand it any longer and made a mad dash to China Town.

Hours later I was sitting at home with a bag full of noodles and Char Sew! Yummy!! And in a clash of cultures I made up a pot of pasta (pasta/noodles its all the same) with sauce stirred through and topped with char sew...

There's only one thing left to say... burp.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Amex Reunion

Its always good to catch up with old colleagues especially when you come across some who are living in the UK aswell.
Today I met up with 2 old friends. Marco, a guy who started as a graduate with me at Amex on the exact same day in the exact same team! I hadn't seen him for 2.5 years. And, Violeta who I hadn't seen in 8months since leaving Amex.
We had such a good time catching up on all the office goss and sharing our European travel experiences. We'll definately stay in touch while we're here and hopefully when we all return back to Oz aswell.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

One strange call...

On things weird... I just got woken up by my mobile ringing. Thinking it might be a job offer I answered it hoping I did not sound to sleepy.

The lady on the other end distinctly had an Indian accent and could speak prefectly good English. Perhaps I was still too sleepy to take the call or the line wasn't very good because we had a bit of trouble understanding each other properly. She ended up saying that she would send me details of the job via email.

I distinctly remember one of the questions... "WHAT'S YOUR RELOCATION STATUS?"... I did not quite get the name of the place the job was located but she repeated that question a lot. Why do I get the feeling the job is actually in INDIA???

Checking my email my resume was matched against an urgently required position for a company called Rishi InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Going to their website stays they are located in India. Surprise!!!

Well I have seen Bend It Like Beckham and there was that Indian movie from the London Film Festival. Don't think that qualifies me to understand the finer points of Indian culture though...

Wonder if Lulu would like to relocate....

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Denzil Jones's Diary.

A cinema full of people, 6 men (5 straight and 1 possible gay) and the rest women....

It can only be the 7:15pm Monday screening of Bridget Jones's Diary: The Edge of Reason. Lulu loved it ofcourse. There's something about the the Bridget Jones movies that all girls connect with in the way that Starwars and Star Trek connect with all boys.

I thought it was a good sequel to the original but not as funny and did conclude the story well. At the end of the first movie Bridget is with Darcy and this is where the sequel starts from. I do think that perhaps Bridget/Darcy are ill matched though. She is hopelessly ill equiped to parade herself in the same circles that Darcy is used to. My opinion only, and opposites do attract.

[Question] How to you get a room full of women to stop talking?
[Answer] Start playing Bridget Jones's Diary: The Edge of Reason.

I did think it funny that a room full of women is NOT as loud as any chinese restaurant during yum cha (dim sum as they call it in London).

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Everyone is Bridget Jones Crazy

Everyone I know seems to be Bridget Jones crazy at the moment. Lulu even has me excited about it and we have prebooked tickets for the 7:15pm session on Monday night. 70pence for the Saturaday paper and it came with a free special edition cd of the of soundtrack. And to put us into the mood the first movie is on tonight.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Holograms at Home

I've always loved science, in particular lasers. I never bought one, not even one of those laser keychains. Never could find a legitemite reason to get one. Holograms was always just an extension of this and for $99 you too could make holograms on the kitchen table.

Home of Liti holo

What Lulu wants...

Lulu wants BLUE hair for Kathleen's wedding.

She wants me to ask Kathleen if that would be ok.

the weekend has begun!

Yay! Eventhough I had a short week of work(2 days to be exact) i've spent the last 3 days sleeping in, grocery shopping, going to the gym and doing our washing-everything I do on the weekends! The good thing is..its only Friday! so i've got another 2 days left of freedom before I start my new perm job with BA! hmm..maybe I should start my Xmas shopping.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Red Velvet Cake

I tried to make this new cake recipe- Red Velvet Cake. The red part didn't quite make it so I ended up with a pink strawberry layered cake! Denzil thought it looked like a big piece of spam when i cut it open.

The next part is always the most fun-the frosting! While I was happily whisking away, I was waiting for the white chocolate to melt in the microwave (the packet says you can microwave it). 40 seconds later, I smell smoke and look at the microwave to see smoke seeping through the edge of the microwave door. "Oh No!"
Denzil looks through the kitchen and sees a big cloud of smoke. So I blast on the fan and open the windows-by then I still hadn't opened the microwave door! I open the door slowly and out pours more smoke. Luckily I still had half a block of chocolate left. That was definately my first and last time of melting chocolate in the microwave. Hopefully i'll have better luck next time.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sainsbury Supermarket

I must be rather approachable or something because the cashier at Sainsbury supermarket started chatting to me like was her best friend.

Pearl: Hiya! How are you today?
Denzil: Not to bad.
Pearl: Day off is it?
Denzil: No... unemployed... been unemployed for a while now...
Pearl: Go down to the local Job Centre and you might be able to get a job a Sainsbury. But keep looking, and don't let it get you down.

I wouldn't mind chatting but Pearl stopped scanning my few items after the first one, and somebody came up and queued behind me. Seeing that Pearl had stopped scanning, the other customer was getting abit irritated.

Hurrying away when I had finished paying for everything, a little girl in pink was sitting in the 'seat' of a shopping trolley. I was thinking what a nice little girl until she stuck her tongue out at me and blew a raspberry at me!!!

Still I couldn't help but walk away laughing. I just find it funny how different people react different to the same person.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Mazipan Sweets at Harrods

Harrod's Mazipan ZooMazipan Babies!!! awwww so cute!

Harrods Christmas Parade

They gave out free Shrek ears!!Ice Queen prancing at the parade
Noddy at the Christmas ParadeErrrr... its whats his name and Santa!!!

Emergency Nissan Noodle Rations...

11:30am... talking to Eva on the net.. The sudden realisation that I had not sustained myself that morning. My savour would come in the form of our Emergency Nissan Noodle Rations.

... the aroma of fresh instant noodles soon permiates the flat ... a few moments while not watching the pot of noodles as it cooks meant that it almost overflowed twice, and then with much (youthful) vigour I loose half the included packet of seaseme oil in a spray all over the stove top.

For fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation - "Perhaps today is NOT a good day to make pasta".

[Nissan Noodles - a brand of instant noodles that Denzil grew up on and is considered to be the best by many Chinese]

Friday, November 05, 2004

Ambitious Cooking

I caught a clip on a tv show about somebody making FRESH pasta from raw ingredients, ie flour, etc. Feeling kinda inspired to try it for myself. Since I did not see the entire clip, let alone write down the recipe, I googled for one instead: recipe for pasta dough and turning the dough into noodles/fettuccine

Two problems: 1) I just got back from the supermarket with bread making flour - not the sort to use for pasta. 2) I dont have a pasta making machine to cut the flour dough.

I wonder how the pasta would taste with self-raising or bread flour. I remember a documentry on traditional noodle making in Japan. I still remember the theory.. can I put it into practice.

Come to think of if, Steph did send me some pictures of the noodles he made. Wish I could have tried them.

Free Reiki Training!

I paid for my Reiki training, but you can also get it free off the internet here: Reiki Secrets. Apparently it trains you all the way up to Master level which is a level above me. Training with a proper person is still better as a good trainer will provide valuable advice/support during and after the course. Still this is a good way to get a feel for Reiki if your interested without spending alot of $$. Just don't go back asking for a refund :)

It just so happens that the Reiki Secrets website also has the links to spoon/fork bending. Not sure if this helps to legitimise the site or turns it more into a side show attraction... The choice is left to the student as homework....

Bending forks...

People who know me know that I used to do magic. Infact I have bit of a library of book and videos on the subject. One thing I never learnt was how to bend forks properly. This website aims to teach you how to do it with your mind! No magic trickery required!

You can find other links on fork bending here if your interested.

Its strange the things you find when you go looking up reiki on the net!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Moved old blog

Well I finally moved all the old blog posts here. So if you haven't seen the old entries you can now do so by going through the archives section of the blog.

Still haven't figured out what to do with the photo archives yet. Its annoying me no end actually.
Micheal (Lulu's brother) and Sabrina got married in Singapore. It was a beautiful wedding and for their honeymoon they did a tour in Europe and then stayed a week with us in London.

They absolutely loved it.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Denzil can cook #3

I started out in disaster. Yet somehow I managed to get the dough in reasonable shape to produce these wonder Chinese Fighting Bread Rolls. They are heavy enough to smash the bones in your toes if they fell on it. They taste pretty good though.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Micheal and Sabrina left London today in the afternoon.

After they left Lulu and I went to Harrods to check out their Christmas section. Its like a Christmas Winter Wonderland in there as you can see below. Got the most amazing selection of decorations that I wish I could take back to Oz in December.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Whats happening to me?!?!?

Weird.. I got this odd compulsion to play Monopoly - not that there's anything wrong with it, its just not very geeky. Atleast in true geek fashion I want to play it on computer.

I happen to have a trial/demo copy of it somewhere on my hdd.

Do wish the gods that be stop sending me compulsion and laughing at me... :(

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Lulu cracks me up....

Its generally accepted that British TV is crap unless you have cable. Lulu complains that there's nothing good on and that it's boring... so she reads the street directory instead.

Me, personally would rather watch tv than read the street directory... better yet I'd prefer working on my short sightedness and surf the net on my laptop.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Denzil can cook #2

This time I put some lemon and herbs on some salmon and roasted that in the oven. Turned out so good too!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Denzil can cook!!

Yes I made that roast pork. It even tasted good too! My mouth waters at the memory of it. Its amazing what a little herbs can do to a piece of meat :D


Last weekend (the 16th/17th) I did a Reiki I/II course. I'm now a reiki practitioner!!! YAY!!

For those that don't know, reiki works on a person's chi (also called ki or prana). In this way it is very similar acupuncture, ie it works on the energy system of the body. A person after receiving reiki typically feels relaxed and de-stressed. If you're interested you can find more information at

Friday, October 08, 2004

We've been Blogged!

Moved blog to

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Lulu has this habit.. it includes violence... violence aimed at my person...

the first recorded instance of this involved a golf club and the back of my head.... that was just the start of my woes... other such recorded events include a telephone and my head, a kitchen cupboard and my elbow, and just this morning her fist and my jaw....

apparently she remembers none of these events...

In other news... I don't believe I was totally prepared to survive in 'ol London-town. Old grannies push me out of the way when I try and board trains here.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Micheal (Lulu's brother) and Sabrina got married in Singapore. It was a beautiful wedding and for their honeymoon they did a tour in Europe and then stayed a week with us in London.

They absolutely loved it.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Good 'ol Aussie TV

Classic Australian Television. Neighbours is a indeed shown on Brit tv. Good Aussie tellie all for the tidy some of 121 pounds.

In England you need to buy a license to watch tv... 121 pounds to be exact. That gets you the right to have several colour tv's at the registered premise. They even have license inspectors who drive around trying to catch people out.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Working from home

Working from home, its such a treat. I should try and do it more often. You don't feel so bad going to non-work related sites like Andrew and Kathleen's. Its scarey to read how milk got spilt on their laptop. I'm supposed to burn my (err.. make that OUR) many thousand photos to cd before its too late.

Doing it now... ok.. after I get some lunch... [9/9/2004 Ammendment] If I was smarter/wiser I would have burnt the cds before eating. Why? Because theres no chance of dropping food on the laptop. Fortunately tho that didnt actually happen.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Government Efficiency

I'm sure I said this before in a previous entry, but London (and europe) is old and coming from Australia can be bit of a shock. Much of the infrastructure and culture is also old. ATM's for example is much slower than back home in OZ.

One thing that doesn't seem to change is government inefficiency... I refer to the NI number entry down below.


The classic London bus is called the Routemaster. Its so typically British that its caused somewhat of an outrage that they are being replaced by new more modern buses.

Their charm tends to wear off after watching several go by because they are packed full and the conductor only lets one person to board.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Death of old blog

The old website ( is dead. That website was hosted on a friend's account that he was paying for. Thank you so much Ben for allowing me to host this site there. It was good while it lasted.

My isp (AOL) ofcourse offers free hosting up to 120megs. But alas dear friends they have a technical limitation which means I can not upload my photo galleries. :( So until I decide what to do there will be no more photo uploads!

I knew going with AOL as my isp would come back to haunt me! I'll probably just end up using imagestation. The best part about imagestation is that there is no limit to the amount of space you can use, and friend's can even order prints online.

Considering how much space I use up there (I upload FULL size originals), I can't help but wonder how profitable they really are.

A worthy mention.

I feel somewhat legitimised now. Most homepages probably go unnoticed by the wider virtual community. This site got a mention on Andrew and Kathleen's blog.

Its kinda nice to be linked to from another site even if its only a friend's site. Ironically this happened roughly around the same time that Ben my 'ol hosting service stopped.


I like several design aspects of Andrew and Kathleen's blog. I believe the saying goes something like: "Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Close enough.

Lulu quite rightly stopped me from flattering Andrew/Kathleen's website.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Big Blogs

This page is getting long... one of these days I might even archive off the older entries to different pages...

[2/11/04 amendment] Good thing I've moved the blog to!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Swinging retro London

"Footsteps on the dance floor reminds me baby of you. Tear drops in my eyes, the next time I'll be true." Womack and Womack. 80's music. The song is on the radio as I sit here typing this entry.

In some weird twist of fate or something but the cheap clock radio that we got from Argos only receives 1 radio station properly and it seems to play way to much 80's music. I always believed the British music industry was bigger than Australia's and with so much talent going through there was little room for the older stuff. Its good to know the decade that I did most of my growing up still lives on... and thats not even mentioning the revival of 80's fashion, but thats an entry for perhaps another day :)

Physics in London.

It rained today. Rain is good. It makes the flowers grow. Don't get me wrong I like rain in general.

Except in London.

I have a balanced physics / maths equation for this: Rain = Water = London Tube system shuts down.

On Supermarkets and Museums.

Lulu is a constant source of amusement for me. There are 5 major supermarket chains here and she visits them like she's visiting a museum.

Support the Home Team #2

"I'm turning Japanesa, I'm turning Japanesa... Yes I think so..." Remember that song? Well I'm not really turning Japanese, but I'm told I'm definitely picking up the local accent and lingo.

For example the English favourite hello is "Hi ya!" and instead of saying "eigth-thirty" for the time they would say "half-eight".

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

NI Number Woes

The equivalent to the Australian Tax File Number (TFN) is the National Insurance Number (NI). It is not easy getting one either.

I spent a morning trying to find a phone number to call to make a booking for an NI interview. Got the round-around so much I tried the net. The website was broken. I found the local office who gave me the correct office to go to and 3 phone numbers to make an appointment and was told they never answer so just turn up with the appropriate documentation.

We turn up. We do need to make an appointment. They give us a 4th phone number. argghhh!!!

Atleast this number is correct and we're able to make an appointment. Apparently they ask questions like "when you arrived in England how did you get home and did you stop on the way". Maybe it really is relevant given all the extra security for terrorism, but I don't exactly see how. Any self respecting terrorist would lie anyway.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Head shearing

Finally got a hair cut today, it is about 2.5 weeks shy of 3months without a haircut. There was so much hair the barber took ages to cut it... and that was with the shears!

Lulu was impressed that I sussed out the barber and found out that he has been doing this for 11 years. Its good to know you have entrusted your hair to somebody with skill and experience after all! Why then do I feel like that cartoon cat that pops out of the washing machine as a big fur ball and floats away?!?!

Monday, August 02, 2004

City Pages

I've been toying with the idea of writting "City Pages". The concept is simple. Everytime Lu and I go someplace we write a page on what we thought of the place. Likes, dislikes, must-do's, that sort of thing.

Like me adding more "Did you knows" (which I do have a few more to add), if only I could be arsed to actually do it now...

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Wind in the Willows

We went to an open air theatre production of Wind In The Willows at Regents Park today. It could not have been at a better day with a picnic brunch before the show and sitting in the cool shade of some trees after the show.

The production was great and we had an entertaining few hours. Pictures will be posted soon.

Queer Eye for a Straight Guy lovers may remember an episode where a country styled boy proposed to his Armenian girlfriend. The Fab-5 took the country boy to a chocolate shop called Du Chocolat. Today we found a shop of same name in London, but I don't think its related to anything. When you walk into the shop your senses are hit by the fragrant smell of chocolate. Its more than enough to make your mouth water.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Big Brother addiction

Lulu is now officially obsessed with UK Big Brother only after a few nights. She's watching it even as I happily tap away (I've finally been able to get some net time).

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Denzil on sharing

One day there was this guy who bought a laptop while he was in Hong Kong with his girlfriend. His girlfriend was rather fond of their laptop and their internet connection.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


We finally got ourselves a TV from Lily's flatmates who will be returning to Australia soon in August. Thanks James and Jo!

Monday, July 26, 2004


Sometimes even super heros don't like the rain. The photo was taken on bus 137 (my favourite bus route) on the way home one rainy afternoon. The 137 happens to connect our place with Cindy's.

Support the home team.

While in England I've (ie Denzil) taken to the idea of supporting the home team

Sunday, July 25, 2004


One day this couple had broadband internet at home. The girlfriend had to get up extra early to get to the laptop before the boyfriend took it back off her.

Saturday, July 24, 2004


Brighton is not just a place in the south of Sydney. It is also a beach side town in the south of England. Saturaday had such beautiful weather that we decided to go there for the day.

The beach itself is not much like the ones at home. For a start their is little/no sand, its actually a pebble beach. Its not so bad to sit or lie upon, infact its was rather nice doing so.

People from Sydney who remember Pier One just to the left of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (south side) will be delighted to know that the piers at Brighton are full of amusements, and rides.

For the shop-a-holics out there, the place is full of little lanes and alley ways where you can find the most interesting nic-nacks or the latest fashions. Needless to say Lulu couldn't get enough of it!

After much bagging of the English weather, especially how the sun has no strength like back home in Oz, we got home burnt. Our faces have raccoon eyes now :(

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Prague (18/7/2004 - 20/7/2004)

We went to Prague!!! Best part of Prague was the weather. Having been in London for so long we haven't seen much blue sky, but in Prague all we got was blue sky and HOT HOT STICKY weather. Never knew how much we missed it!

Prague Castle would have to be my favourite. Baroque buildings surround lovely squares and fountains. The grounds are even large enough to house a cathedral.

The only other place I really wanted to see was the old Jewish Cemetry. Unfortunately photos were not really allowed (it didn't stop some people though).

Lulu's favourite quote from Denzil is "Oh no I've only 300 photos left on my digital camera, is that enough?!?!?"

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Freezing in 31 degrees

Its 31 degrees today. Somehow I spent it shivering... let me explain... I'm not sick thankfully. I did spend most of it in the computer server room under the air-con set to 18 degrees. Brrr! Somehow 31 degrees in London is not the same as 31 degrees in Sydney. Sydney sun is much harsher. That goes along way to explain why English girls are often fair skinned.

Monday, June 07, 2004

London Tube

Ok, now I have really experienced the real London. The weather was hot at 28 degrees and blue skies. That means nothing on its own but the tube (London speak for trains) was experiencing massive delays going home. In London many trains don't seem to have air-con. In trains where your packed in like sardines (Sydney trains are nothing) with no airflow, all I can say is that I'm thankful that I'm not vertically challenged and my view is not some guy's sweaty armpits

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Kew Gardens

It's Sunday, sunny and the sky's blue. Couldn't resist and had to go out to Kew Gardens. It's a massive botanical park that is part Government funded, part self funding (8.50 pounds entry). Lots of botanical research happens there too.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Bank Holiday Weekend

Its a bank holiday... long weekend! Went south-east of London to Canterbury on Saturday(Archbishop of Canterbury, and Canterbury Tales). Pictures haven't been uploaded yet. Saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on Monday.. We enjoyed it totally.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Clapham Common.

We finally move into our place in Clapham Common. Clapham Common is a rather happening place with many pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, and all the amenities one can ask for.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Denzil is depressed.... He has to start work today! Lulu likes the idea he has to wear a tie. hahaha

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Topdeck Tour!

Topdeck Tour: Summer Fun and Sailing! (6/5/2004 - 16/4/2004)

We had more fun than we could poke a stick at touring Europe with Topdeck and would heartly recommend it to anyone over Contiki anyday.

Paris, Venice and Rome would have to be amongst my favourites. Seeing, touching and walking amongst so much history is truely amazing. If your in Rome you must do the Vatican Museums and the Roman Forums which is conveniently right next to the Colliseum.

Friday, March 26, 2004

We flew out of Sydney to Hong Kong for a 3 day shopping spree!!!

Got myself a laptop that I'm building this website on, and a new Canon 50mm f1.4 lens :D Lulu got her hair done.