Monday, August 22, 2005

Sunday Nite Blues...

Sunday night. Last few hours of my 72 hour pass. Lulu gets home in the morning and heads straight for work (good thing she doesn't have to travel too far from airport) so I don't see her until Monday night.

Its true. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. I believe too, I can appreciate her more for it.

So what have I done in during my free weekend? I made bread. I gymed. I ate some suspect olives that didn't agree with me. Went to the park to relax. Caught up with Cindy. Did some reiki. Did the ironing. Cleaned the room. Burnt some incense. Killed a nasty spider.

See. When the cat's away, the mice don't always come out to play!

Oh.. and I also blogged.. but i think you gathered that one already :D

Sunday, August 21, 2005

It even tastes good!

Our friend Cindy came over today to entertain me while Lulu is away. You see last week we organised a baking-date. Below are the spoils of our wonderful time together:

Bread. Wonderful bread. Onion, garlic and herb makes for wonderful bread. The 4 buns on right didn't last long.. all that kneading makes one hungry!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

She left me!!!

I'm sad...
She's gone...
She left me...

For a woman...

Yes its true... I'm a free man now... for a count of 72...

Lulu works in the airline industry and gets some great perks. One of these is called an ID72 - a free return flight to just about anywhere on the map, the catch? You must be back in your original port of departure within 72 hours.

Her original plan was to go to Montreal, Canada, but that didn't happen as the flight was full. After much nail biting and calling back to the help desk they re-scheduled for Boston, USA. The only cost for the flight is the airport taxes - a whooping $GBP12!!!!

Being a standby flight you get no choice of seats - which means you could get cattle class... or... business class with flat beds, good food, free alcohol, more space...


the catering firm is still in dispute with its workers so they have no food or alcohol on board!!! ARGH!!! They have to buy their own food for the 8+hours of flight time!!! Does that suck? Hell yeah!!!!

Still, $GBP12.00 business class return to Boston is still a deal! Man I'm jealous!

The 72 hour pass.

So how is Denzil planning on spending his 72 hours of Lulu-free bliss?!??

I'll be missing her dearly of course!!!

Other than that I can see myself do some very man-ly things.

Sports. Don't think so.
Down at the local. Definely not.
Gym. Perhaps.
Baking. Yes, most definitely!!!

My last loaf of bread that I made actually was pretty reasonable, and eatable too. So some of that is on the cards - now you know why I was looking at bread recipes on the net earlier :D

Oh yeah.. I have to put the apron on and do some house chores too...

I think I'm a Londoner now...

Before I arrived in London, those that came before me said "many afternoons in the pubs on a pure liquid carb diet". Yes it is true. Much of the London lifestyle is spent down at the local beer glass in hand getting pissed.

No. Before you gaze at wonder at your screen and disbelief that I have become the latest member of Alcoholics Anonymous, NO I have not adopted this habit as my own.

After a nice lunch in Chinatown (conveniently located within minutes of my office at Picadilly Circus), I get back to the office for about 1/2 hour, my boss screams "pack your bags and grab your jackets... we're going to the pub!"

Who am I to question the wisdom of the elders... :D

(Note to self: why did I pause and first want to finish what I was doing!?? Perhaps its true, you can lead a Denzil to London, but you can't put the London in Denzil. Actually scratch that. I wasn't lead here, I chose to come on my own accord)

Friday, August 19, 2005

I Love Bread Baking Websites

I just love bread recipes that say put all the ingredients into your bread machine and turn it on!!!

Kinda defeats the purpose of learning to make bread really doesn't it!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

All BA flights suspended is going to be a busy day with calls as all BA fights from Heathrow Airport are suspended until 6pm today due to Airport staff going on strike in support of Union colleagues who were fired by catering firm for BA in-flight food!
All staff travel is suspended today and over the weekend aswell. My colleague flew to Dubai and was originally planning on returning to London on Sunday, so it looks like she'll be stuck over there for a little longer! Luckily I hadn't planned any travel this weekend but fingers crossed for next week coz I'm going to Montreal.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

A few Barcelona pictures.

The photo album has been updated with pictures from Vienna, Hong Kong and Barcelona.

Below are some from our most recent at Barcelona:

Beach made from reclaimed land. There was even a muscle beachsection.Along the promenade of the beach.
The city of Barcelona, Spain, as viewed from the castle fortress. The fortress was originally a castle, then converted to a fortress for navel defense.Dude selling donuts whilst singing and dancing with that thing on his head.
Sculpture by the Sea. Okay so it's not the same as the annual Sculpture by the Sea event Bondi Beach, Sydney holds, but this is a permanent piece.Mussels, Salty prawns & Seafood Paella. Mouth watering. Seafood there was, is, always will be amazing. My favourite were the salty prawns!! *drool*
Roof top terrace at La Pedrera. La Pedrera is an apartment block designed by Barcelona's favourite (though dead) architect, Gaudi. His organic style of design makes Barcelona architecturally unique and breathtaking.Another of Gaudi's works. The Sagrada Familia. A temple dedicated to the Holy Family. Unfortunately Gaudi died by being knocked over by a tram stepping out of the very building. He himself anticipated that its building would take several generations, much like the building of any cathedral. Its funding is purely by donations - the $EUR8 entry fee is really that... a donation.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Barcelona, Spain 28Jul - 31Jul 2005

Denz and I just returned from a lovely trip to Barcelona!
After a nice early flight, we were greeted by nice hot sunny weather.
We managed to do a little bit of everything a holiday should consist of. We saw the unfinished Sagrada Familia Cathedral designed by the city's most loved architect Antoni Gaudi (1882-1926). It looks amazing both close up and from afar as it dominates the whole of Barcelona city. Due to limited funding and original plans being lost and burnt, there is still at least 30years til its completion date!
Another famous piece of Gaudi's work we visited is the La Pedrera (Casa Mila) building. This used to be an apartment block but is now a museum and cultural centre. What makes this building unique is the external rippled stone facade design and sculptural roof terrace. (photos to follow)
We also took the funicular train up to the castle which was a lovely view of the coast and the whole city. Wondering through the Old Gothic Town and Catalyuna area was nice too where we discovered lots of cute little shops, tapas bars and restaurants.

Shopping was good! The sales were Denz had to put up with my visits to Mango and Zara stores. Luckily I didn't buy too much considering we only had 2 pieces of hand luggage.

After lots of walking around, we managed to get to the beaches for some sunbathing and more photo opportunities. Although we lied under the sun, we didn't seem to pick up much of a tan, but it was nice to relax on the beach anyway. We both enjoyed some of the eye candy on the beach aswell. I found a cute, tall, toned, dark Spanish hunk to perve at so that prevented me from getting bored!

We ate plenty of yummy foods including seafood, tapas, paella, gelati and drank sangria! Unfortunately we ran out of time, so we missed out on alot of museums and other attractions. Maybe one day, we'll have another chance to go see the rest of Spain.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Oh its so hard!!!

Life is oh so hard when you've spent 4 days in beautiful, sunny, blue-skyed Barcelona, Spain and you get back to shitty, grey, gloomy London.

Barcelona is a gorgeous city. Remarkable architecture, the most notable pieces by their beloved son Antonio Gaudi. Its tempting to write all about it but I won't go into a full write up of our adventures in Spain - I'll leave that for a later post. I just wanted to announce my great displeasure of having to come back to the overcast skies, the rude fair-skinned locals (Spanish people all have tans!!), people scared of terror attacks, shitty transport systems that shutdown if its too cold, or too hot - just don't mention the rain.

Its a low energy level day today I think....

Its been scientifically proven that sunlight affects peoples moods. This goes a long way to explain the rudeness of people...

I think perhaps I need a reiki treatment... and damn I left my crystals at home too.