Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is this the latest Telemarketing Scam?!

Bloody hell! They're coming in daily now!

Yesterday I got a telemarketing call. You know the kind, 3 second pause, then the (almost invariably) Indian operator answers. One trick when you realise that the call is a telemarketer (because nobody on the other side says anything) is to not say anything and wait for the telemarketer to talk first.

I did this, and the first thing I asked when they started was to ask whether this is a telemarketing call. The Indian girl said no. Are you trying to sell me something? No. She then said something not worth repeating (mostly because it wasnt worth remembering - and it wasnt swearing) and quickly hangs up. Don't think she was having a good day. No not at all.

Today. Today's call. Apparently we were randomly selected out of the millions of humanoids in our part of the galaxy on planet Earth orbiting the star named Sol to receive a free mobile phone. That much I got out of her. I had bearly said a word. Infact I couldnt. She promptly hung up.

Well!! That was rather rude!!

If we happen to receive said mobile in the mail with some contractual obligation of payment they can go and shove it. Be funny if it came with a if you do not wish to sign up please return this in the free reply paid sachel. Does that mean we can invoice them for the labour costs in handling their mail? hmm.. i might try that for kicks.

What if i ebay the phone and not return any paper work. What if I ebay the phone AND the contract. I wonder if thats legal.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What I'd Give to partake!

Waaa.. What I'd give to partake in this little photography competition. Unfortunately it takes place in London... hmm.. maybe I can fly there and claim it as a business expense!!!

The next one after the current one is in Brixton. Ah, yes, Brixton. Brixton with its own prison. It used to be an area of high crime in London.

No More Salt Lick!?

Hmmm.. in a wave of perhaps inspiration... the easiest thing to do to avoid Salt Lick Bread is to remove all the salf from the recipe altogether. Easy. Besides the simpliest recipe I've seen for bread is just flour, water and yeast.

Though I'm told that I'm in danger of having bread that tastes just like flour and water.

Yesterday I went around all the local discount shops looking for a set of scales that can weigh small quantities like 5 grams of salt or 7.5 grams of yeast. No why is it that whenever I have an idea of what I want to buy I always end up back at the first place I go? $3.80 later at the Japan Home Centre saw me the proud owner of a cheap set of scales.

In a few hours when I've finished making it (2nd kneading, rising, etc) I hope to have something decent to eat!

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Monday, September 25, 2006

AIYAH! Salt Lick!


I did it again! I tried making bread. I think my biggest problem is that I have no real way of weighing very small quantities like 5grams of salt or 7 grams of yeast. So invariably I'll put way too much salt and end up with salt lick! arggh!!

Probably didn't help that I added abit too much water and had to add some more flour too. I suspect the little bit of gluten flour I used also made the bread not as soft and white. Oh well. Lessons learnt for next time.

I think my salt bread will be good with bland soups, or curries. hahaa

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Monday, September 18, 2006

not the dressmaker you'd pick

I really dont understand who or why someone would design a dress like this.
What the hell was going through their minds at the time? Fruit loops?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Early stages of planning

In search for Sydney wedding ceremony locations I've found the perfect place for Steph & Eva's future venue even though they're not engaged! ...check out the bridal party's dining table at The Chrysanthum - sorry guys but i had to show you this place! 4 words - fish tank & chinese banquet!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Born on February 22nd, 1962

How do you mourn a man who has given so much of himself to the Australian public and done so much for Australian tourism.

In a freak accident the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin died today from a fatal stingray barb that punctured the left side of his chest at around 11am.

Read the headlines here (   and here (  Some pictures of here ( and more here (smh).

The post of the day I met the man can be found here.

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