Thursday, March 30, 2006


My sister Lily has finally returned to Ozzie land for good. Shes only here in transit for a couple of days, so its been a busy 48hrs of catching up with her, swapping clothes and shopping with her.
She spent 3 days in Singapore aswell, mainly to pick up some stuff she'd left there and get her hair done!
She's off to Hobart tommorrow morning and not long she'll be back again. Next time she'll probably stay a little longer so she can catch up with everyone but it was nice to see her again.


Wow... I've seen pictures of Mongolia on tv, perhaps even books. But none of that has made me want to visit the place like the pictures from this website: Mongolia 2005. I also want to visit Tibet and visit the monostaries there. Tibet, they call it the roof of the world. An amazing place. Lulu book me 1-way tickets. I think I could spend the rest of my life in one of those monostaries... yes.. me.. .with out internet access.... and no camera... errr.. maybe I need the camera to share pictures with my friends... and the net access so I can email them and update the blog.. oh god.. the rash is beginning already!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today on the News.

Australian poet Dorothea Mackellar (1885 - 1968) once wrote about Australia:
I love a sunburnt country
A land of sweeping planes
She obviously didn't read the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper about modern Australia:
  1. We are still a bloody convict settlement
  2. We have giant waves (though not as big as Hawaii's)
  3. We have killer chooks!
and so like the latest ad for Australia asks: "Where the bloody hell are you?"

Click here for more Australian poetry.

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Monday, March 27, 2006


Our weekend started on Friday night when we headed to the Verandah Bar for Tuanly's bday. We had expectation of going to catch up with some people over a few drinks, but we thought wrong. When we showed up it was actually a RnB/Hip Hop dance party and we found ourselves in the queue for the guest list amongst a crowd of young Asian clubbers! Denzil, JeeAh, Krystal and myself felt rather old standing in line as we remembered when we'd do this every weekend during our uni days.
Apart from the extremely young crowd, we still had a good time with a bit of a boogie whilst having quick catchups with Ryan, Tina & Quang, Corinna & Faye, Mina and Gloria.

Saturday morning, Denz and I headed to Alexandria for a bit of homeware factory outlet shopping. We visited World Kitchen, Bayswiss, Space and Office Works and managed to grab a few little bargains.
A week ago, Ceci took me to Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills and I'd been dying to take Denzil there knowing he'd enjoy the bread & pastries if not get some more ideas for bread baking! When we arrived the queue seemed suprisingly short, although it didn't take long before people started showing up and queuing up. We shared 2 pies Chicken, Mushroom & Eggplant and mushroom & cheese and for dessert, chocolate tart with a coffee... yum! It was a beautiful day too so we sat just outside the bakery on some stools and enjoyed the afternoon.
We spent the evening cleaning my apartment especially the spare room for Lily when she arrives this week since it was covered with all our stuff we'd shipped from the UK and haven't been bothered to unpack.

Sunday I had free tickets to see the premier of Roving Mars at the Imax Theatre, so Tina joined us followed by lunch in China Town and some shopping at Paddys Market.
We headed back to Hurstville to do our grocery shopping which was a bad idea. Not only was the check out queues in Coles horrendous but people started to get bitchy and verbally violent. We saw 2 people arguing about manners and here they were shouting at each other! I know trying to find the end of the queues can be stressful but some people really need to take a chill pill!
It took us about15mins to get to the front of the cashier but whilst we were grid locked between all the shopping trollies, we saw Eric who shouted out to me. We had a quick chat with 6 other shoppers listening in so we made it quick and agreed to talk at a time when its not so caotic! Next time I might avoid Coles on Sunday afternoons.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Beauty and the Geek

America's newest reality tv show is Beauty and the Geek - Its already aired in Singapore according to my brother so hopefully we might get it too. Otherwise I'm gonna just have to download a copy. I'm so excited!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Broke. Its all Broke!


Just when I am getting into the swing of gyming on a regular basis somebody has already broken the main peice of equipment I use. I mean really. It's only 1 month old ffs! And the spa has been broken for a week too! And come on guys, if something is broken atleast tell the caretaker of the building so he can fix it! I don't blame the caretaker for getting pissed off when he saw the broken gym equipment.

And to make matters worse, my Dell pc has started to randomly reboot! It still has new pc smell ffs!! I suspect though it actually the electricity. Might be some brown outs. Fingers crossed.

And why do I have this sudden craving for Chicken Rice? The kind I had in Singapore. (Chicken rice is rice that has been cooked with chicken so it takes on its flavour... It's so yummy). I think me eating chicken Nissin noodles for dinner was the trigger. Trust me to have food cravings when I'm eating.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Crikey! That Celebrity nearly got us!

Crikey!! You'd never know who I bumped into on the weekend!!

Lulu and I were at the harbour's edge on Sunday enjoying the blue skies. Annd guess who happened to be strolling along with his Misses and little one? Steve Irwin!!! Australia's favourite son!

Lulu didn't believe me when I casually blurted out "its Steve Irwin!". Perhaps its because I did it so casually that she didn't believe me! But crikey, its Steve Irwin!!! Fortunately Lu had her camera (why the hell didn't I take mine?!?).

And today I saw the queen. No Queen. The Queen arrived today to open a new section of the Opera House and for the Commonwealth Games (to be held in Melbourne). Volunteers passed out Aussie flags to wave feverishly. But the Queenie buzzed past so fast that everyone didn't have time even to wave about! I do hope that her black car had aircon !! It was bit of a disappointment actually. Normally you see her on tv talking and chatting to the crowd, her loyal subjects. I suppose she does have a tight schedule. Funny though - I had to come back to Australia to see the Queen. Don't know why I didn't when I was in London!

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Monday, March 06, 2006

pic for the day..this is so true!

Monday morning dramas

This morning at 9.45am one of the secretaries calls to say that Kasey Chambers is at the airport now and Virgin Blue cannot find her booking for her flight!
We searched through our systems and cannot locate any booking for her. We tell the secretary that they haven’t booked anything with us but we can book her flight right now.
The secretary soon realizes that they have forgotten to make the booking with us and requests us to book the next flight. The next flight due to depart Sydney is at 1000am (in 15mins!) but Virgin Blue will not allow us to book this flight as it is already closed (flights close 30mins before departure).
We can hear in the background the secretary speaking to Kasey on her mobile and she seems very calm and pleasant. To our surprise Virgin have let her on the 1000am flight and is on her way to the boarding gates. Had this been an ordinary Jo Bloggs, Virgin would’ve declined the passenger on this flight.
I guess it pays to be a celebrity who remains calm and polite.

In saying this, I find it hilarious to hear that Ozzie Idol winner Kate DeAraugo was declined boarding a flight because she arrived too late for checkin. She responded with “Do you know who I am?”. She ended up having to wait for the next flight!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Get into My Belly!

Gawd! I didn't know how much I missed it until we got there 30minutes late. Korean BBQ. I'm sure there is one in London (SoHo me thinks) but there are so many of them in Sydney, and good ones too. Where else can you get beautifully prepared red meats, chicken and seafood thats all you can eat for $27/head?

The catch? You cook it yourself over hot coals. Nothing is better. About 2 1/2 hours later our party of 8 had probably eaten more than our fair share and we barely (read roll) could walk out the door.

It was a good catch up with Belinda who just arrived back from London last Sunday for good.

Gah... I didnt take any photos!! I know how Jono likes pics of food so sorry mate!! I do have one of prawns that are 23cm long and mighty tastey too!! Try finding prawns (err... shrimp in London/USA) in the UK that size! Go on.. I dares ya!

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Macs - Oldie but a goodie.

Many of my fellow geeks probably would have seen this before. Still its a classic and one of my favourites.

Now I just gotta find that mp3 of the "Lin Line Lin Line Li-nux" skit.

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Nothing But Net

Well I could lie and say this post is all about basketball. But its not. Hell I'm terrible at the sport. The word Shit comes to mind.

This entry is infact about my ADSL connection which is supposed to be live on 7 March 2006. HA I spit on your live date! Because I'm sitting at home using it right now!! They (Optus) thought they had me by sending me my username, but NOT my password. A simple phone call fixed that. Yay for private company efficiency. Hehe.

Go Go Gadget Internet!!!

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

2nd wardrobe

Our 2 cartons we sent from the UK 3 months ago have FINALLY arrived!
I finally have the other half of my wardrobe -mainly summer clothes and shoes, oh and of course a few of Denzil's stuff too! I pretty much sent all my shoes (except 3 pairs- 2 of which I threw out in Hong Kong), so I'm looking forward to reuniting with them tonight ;)
Denz doesn't seem too excited about it..he's too busy playing with his new computer!

The first thing.

The first thing that I install on the new pooter is MSN Messenger. The even geekier part is that I blogged about getting my new pooter before I even openned it!!

Gawd I need to get a life!!

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OMG! Its an APPLE!!!


I open the box to the new pooter.... and my jaw drops... the computer is WHITE!!! It's a bloody MAC!!! WTF!!

No wait.. the heart pounds slower. There's a Dell logo on the side. Its ok. Its Not a bloody MAC!

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Can you SMELL that?!?!


Can you smell that??


Woohoo!!! The Dell just ARRIVED!!!

*denzil dances around the room singing: new computer smell... new computer smell*

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Mt Annan Photography.

Sunday 26 Febrary 2006. A band of desperate photographers with itchy fingers headed down to Mt Annan for a day of macro (close up photography). Chief May, an old - err - young, uni friend of mine was the organiser. Cheers May!

Below are some of my spoils for the day:

All pictures taken with Canon 350D, Sigma 150m macro F2.8 or Canon 100m macro F2.8. Iso 400 or 800.

Postprocessed in Photoshop - level, curves, unsharp mask and cropping.