Friday, October 13, 2006

Blender Beautiful.

Yum is the word I think of when I think of my little magic bullet.


Back in January I remember sitting in a hotel room in Hawaii watching the infomercials about the Magic Bullet Blender. I vowed to own one one day.

Fast forward to the present... (well actually a few weeks ago)

Danoz Direct has them (the original) for over $165 plus $59 postage, and you get one free.

HA! I did better.

Wonderful chinese copies. House of clones. Cheap ass deals. And a visit to Home Art in Hurstville saw me the proud owner of a cheap rip off. $40 was how much I paid for my copy.

So how do you like your smoothies? Personally I like mine with the pulp. Do you? What do you like to put in them?

In the picture above there's oranges, strawberries, pear, carrot and yoghurt. Sure beats going over to Westfield and paying over $5 for one.

Lets see... $40 / $5 = 8. Thus (excluding cost of ingredients) 8 smoothies later I have paid for my magic bullet.

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PS. If you look at the Danoz link above, it says you can chop onions in 3 seconds. I tried. I ended up with a onion smoothie. YUK!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

T-Shirt Folding

Ever wanted to know how to fold a shirt like a professional in seconds?

Well this little video shows you how!


Sunday, October 08, 2006


Today I discovered another potential chinese restaurant I liked. The only downfall is its located in Cabramatta - the Vietnamese town 30kms south-west from Sydney.
The newly rennovated restaurant has a large open dining area with a really nice modern-eastern decor (with no pilars too!). The food and service was great too. Better thing is, its called the Iron Chef Restaurant! i'm serious! How cool would it be to have it on our wedding invitations! Anyway..its a real shame its too far to have a wedding reception.
We'll just have to keep it a yum cha (aka dim sum in the UK) place in future.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

For the record.

Yes.. I just realised...

the link in the last post about cosmetics goes to a lesbian's website. I happened upon it quite by accident via technorati. *honest*

Though i've always maintained that i'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body but people never believe me, or just laugh.

11% Safe.

Read this about cosmetics.

Apparently only 11% of the chemicals in cosmetics have been tested for safety. What about the remaining 89%? God only knows what the long term effect it has on our health.

Perhaps nothing.

Perhaps in a few generations the toxic buildup with alter out DNA.

Perhaps we'll mutate and get special powers. Personally I want to fly, and have super speed. But then if everyone else has special powers, special powers won't be so special.

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American Express Call Centres


Yeah.. dodgey alright.

Tonight i get a call from American Express saying there something wrong with my card. Thinking it could be a scam to get credit card details, etc they gave me a (tollfree) callback number to call.

Still not totally convinced even with a callback number to call (because at a quick check I couldnt find it on the amex website), when they asked for verification of my account details I gave some bogus information. Some of it they picked up, but not all. Dodgey!!! Fortunately, for my piece of mind I got them to read out correct details to me. But FFS... they should have picked up on the false information!!!

Guess who's gonna be calling up to make a complaint 2morlo!!

And if anybody asks, yes I believe it was actually an Indian call centre, but that really had nothing to do with it. The gentleman was polite, well spoken and I could understand him perfectly. And thats how a call centre should be.

Compare that to a call i had previously asking for money. As soon as I said no, i'm not going to donate money the woman hung up on me without even a goodbye. She was from Tasmania, Australia.