Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Good Thing About...

The good thing about horror movies, and birds in Stockholm is that Lulu gets scared and grabs onto my arm.

Its nice to be in the part of Prince Charming protecting his fair maiden Lulu...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ornithophobia (aka Phobia of birds)

We're going to Stockholm for the Easter longweekend. Horray!
The first thing i read about the beautiful city on the Official visitors website is:

"Come to visit Stockholm. It's where thousands of birds go for their winter holiday. This picture (a pic of thousands of birds by the water) taken right in the heart of the city proves just how popular it really is. Stockholm is a very hospitable place and provides excellent services for poultry as well for all its visitors. "

yuck! i hate birds and any other feather related species. I'm just gonna have to hide behind Denzil again if they get anywhere near me!

We're everywhere!

Ozzies in London - you can't miss them. You hear them and you see them everywhere.
Every morning I wake up to the radio and the DJ is of course Ozzie too. Worse thing is he likes to crack Ozzie jokes. Its really sad.. they can't get away from us!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Some recent get togethers...

Dinner at Clapham Tandori
Julian & Ceci with us @ Trafalgar Square
Belinda & Dan
Yum cha at Royal China
Denzil, Andrew & Martina @ Yumcha, Royal China

won ton making

After a VERY boring Monday at work today, Denzil and I planned to make won ton dumplings with noodle soup tonight for dinner. Denzil had to stay back at work late so I ended up making them by my self so he missed out on all the fun!

The best part about making won tons is the wrapping! I've always loved to wrap them since I was 12 years old. My aunt originally thought me how to wrap them and for the following years I became the dedicated-child-slave won ton wrapper for my parents restaurant.
Dad would make the pastry, mum the filling and I would wrap them - it was a team effort! I loved it coz I would sit for 2-3hours happily wrapping away while watching 'Hey Hey its Saturday' on TV.

The won tons turned out good. For the filling, I used pork mince, chinese mushrooms and water chestnuts with some salt, pepper and sesame oil. The British prawns here aren't the best quality so I was abit reluctant to add them this time.

Now I wish I had a nice big steamer so I could make more types of dumplings!

Monday, March 07, 2005

New pics

Our album has been updated again with pics from our recent 4 Day Venice trip with Jody and Cecilia, and a day trip to Cambridge University town.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

There be whales.

The BBC has an interesting article about whales. What I find is that this is just another symptom of humanities failure to recognise its place within the whole balance of nature. We need to tread with lighter footsteps on this planet if we want to survive.

There are around 200-300 NEW chemicals within the human body that were not there 1 generation ago.

Insecticides and other chemicals that are spread on fields can now be found in whales in the sea.

Whale song can traverse the oceans but with acoustic noise polluting the oceans the ability for whales to communicate has been drastically affected. This in turn will affect whale populations.

Read the article and join Greenpeace...