Friday, June 30, 2006

Hello? City Morgue, Can I help you?

Being recently inspired by this article at the SMH about spamming the spammers, and after reading another about Delhi call centers I felt inspired to get my own back at telemarketers from India.

The telephone conversation went something like this:

phone: ring ring ring... [I was already annoyed because most calls i get during the day are wrong numbers and telemarketers]
Denzil: Hello... hello...??
[pause] <-- this is the tell tale signature of a call center... (read the above article)
Denzil: Hello.  City Morgue. Can I help you?
phone: [pause] hello?
Denzil: yeah.. hello.. City Morgue, what can I do for ya?  You got a dead body?
phone: Is that Mr XXXXXX...?
Denzil:  Nah mate.. its Jimbo... at the City Morgue.  We got dead bodies here.  You got a dead one?  Thats our job.
phone: Can I speak to Mr XXXXX??
Denzil: Its the Morgue mate.  Who am I talking to? Whats your name?
phone: I think I have the wrong number...
Denzil: Where are you calling from? You got a dead body? You got a cold one do ya?

The poor guy was totally and utterly confused.  Totally threw him a curve ball that he couldn't recover from. 

I remember reading another one about some guy pretending to be the police.  So when the telemarketer calls they enter a "crime scene" and the call center becomes part of the investigation.  hahaha.

I swear I probably should start recording these...

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A weekend of eating

The long weekend (Queen's Bday) was well spent eating lots on 3 cold winter days.
Saturday, Ceci, Denz and I went to Eric's house for a nice home cooked lunch. To our suprise we feasted on 5 courses and soon realised it was 5pm when we finished!
This is what we shared between us 4:
*3 dozens of fresh Oysters with lemon, and 2 yummy dressings (made by Eric)
*Eggplant and tomato bruschetta (2 pieces each!)
*Home made Pea & Ham Soup with Bread (made by Ceci)
*Grilled Salmon fillet with side salad (by Eric) and Potato/Sweet Potato bake (made by me)
*Poached pears with homemade gelato (made by Eric)
Amongst all that food we squeezed in 2 bottles of white too! We then spent the rest of the evening digesting and lazing around watching tv. There was no way we could fit in any dinner.

Sunday, Eva and Steph hosted a very successful steam boat dinner and steph's 32nd Bday party, so it was another evening of feasting on meats, fresh seafood from the fish markets, chinese veggies and fruit & cake afterwards. They did a great job fitting in 25 people in one apartment. Thank god there were enough chairs.

Monday, Kath, Ceci and I went for some retail therapy in Pitt St Mall which was a perfect way to end the weekend! It was a great way to walk off all that eating even if we didnt buy anything!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Eighth Wonder of the World

Now I really know why there are so many opporunities to now work and live in the Middle East. It is booming!
This picture is the Palm Jebel Ali 1 of 3 of the largest man-made islands in the World- all 3 which are built on the coast of Dubai. Take a closer look-theres even Arabic writing in the design of this island! Each of the islands are built in the shape of a palm tree which will consist of luxury hotels, freehold residential villas, shoreline apartments, marinas, water theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, sport facillities and various other entertainment & recreational sites! Even Donald Trump is getting a piece of the action and building his Trump Hotel & Tower. Its just amazing!