Friday, December 23, 2005

no net...

grrr.. rash.. its itchy...*scratch*

yes Eva, I've broken out in a rash because I have no NET ACCESS!!!!

Lulu too actually.. "It must be contagious! OH NO!!"

Thursday, December 22, 2005

hmm... lazy...

Yesterday.. Tuesday, 20th December 2005... Last work day for Lulu at British Airways, and I popped around my old work place at Netengines to say a final goodbye (since I finished up on the 7th). Sad, sad sad... We've both made some good friends at work and we'll miss them dearly. Lulu got a Molton Brown boxset of liquid bath soaps and a box of Thorntons chocolates. Lulu has always liked the dress sense of one of my work collegues, Viresh... funky cool hip hop yet conservative kinda guy - thats wot she describes him as. So for my going away pressie I got a nice wool sweater from UNIGLO. Ironically its made from ozzie lamb's wool. hahahaha. Baaaa.. Baaaa :D

It really hit me sitting on the 88 bus going to the old work place that I'm really going to miss the ride in. You see, the tube (ie train) in the mornings is a bitch. Hence I catch the bus. Nicer.. cleaner.. but longer to get into the office. Best of all though the bus right is scenic! The old 88 goes via the MI6 building (you know the one from the James Bond movies!), Westminister Chapel, Big Ben, Whitehall (with the government offices - Ministery of Defense, No10 Dowling St, etc), and Trafalgar Square. Gonna miss that bus ride in a lot!


Gonna miss London Town!

I've cancelled my broadband connection, and so Lulu and I find ourselves sitting in the Bellevue pub using their free wifi service stuffed after a nice luncheon. We're stuffed, we've packed.. and hmmm.. feeling so lazy too....

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Grrr Kong Roars!

We were invited to family friends Tedman and Annie's place for a lovely dinner. We had a nice seafood pasta dish topped with a complimenting white wine. Good food, good company... what more could a guy and his girl ask for....???? ROAR!!! a movie... ROAR... KING KONG!!!

We found ourselves at the local theatre waiting patiently for the movie to start. Well I won't give any spoilers for anybody who hasn't seen it.. but let me tell you.. that 3 hours of roaring black furballs went by so fast I dont think I even had time to blink.

Yes you might say that Lulu and I enjoyed it. Dang we sure did.. and not because I have a thing for Naomi Watts... *ahem*

Friday, December 16, 2005

Flight of the Siberian Swan.

Yes folks its true. Siberia has swans. More so they have been sighted in the skys of London.

And as everyone and their dogs' know that means there is going to be a white christmas this year for 'l London Town.

Lulu and I of course won't be in London for christmas, we'll be spending it with friends in Antwerp and Brussels. Brussels is a city of grey skys. Great. Hopefully we'll see some blue sky in Antwerp though. Fingers crossed for Antwerp.

Denz's farewell drinks

Last night Denz had his farewell drinkies at The Porterhouse in Covent Garden. We originally wanted to have it at either the Sirocco Bar or Jewel Bar (its worth having a look at their websites for the pics!). But due to damn corporate Xmas parties booking out the venues we had to change last minute.

We knew it was going to be packed out (as it always is) but we managed to find a little bit of space with a little table against a pillar to huddle around for some drinks and chit chat.
Afterwards, Denz, Irfan, Cindy, Natasha, Damien & I headed to China town's Crispy Duck Cafe for some late night supper which was very fulfilling after a nights drinking.

Tonight is my turn with colleagues. We're all going to for a Curry at this really good family-run authentic Indian restaurant. Denz & Irfan are joing us too!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oh no.... now even my programming language of choice is old fashioned like a pair of flaired chordaroys! I haven't heard of this new technology called LAMP but I have heard of Ruby on Rails (thanks to Jonno). Maybe its time I jump the bandwagon and learn Ruby. Jonno will be so pleased: "HA... I remember the day that you scorned RoR"
Oh I'm so glad I'm not a sysadmin!! Its hard enough providing tech support for family and friends so I'm so happy to report that user support is not really part of my job function.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I dream she screams...

Primark is an retail chain that has discount prices. The same girls top that would sell in any other store for £7 sells for £2 or £3. Its no wonder this chain is a woman's (read Lulu's) idea of heaven.

I have a dream... of a 3 floor Primark and everything on sale. The men's items encircle the women's - because men dont like to shop and just like to find what they need (not want) and head for the nearest cash register. Women like to hunt, scavenge, and claw each other's eyes out to obtain the better bargain. I liken it to men watching mud/jelly wrestling with the promise of catching a glimpse of titty.

Today Tuesday 13th December 2005 on the news - discount store chain Primark has announced it is to open a store on the fashionable Oxford Street. Oxford Street is perhaps the widest of all London streets where people can walk 15 - 20 across and still be crushed in the wide crush of female shopping frenzy. Add Primark. The already crazied females on shopping highes in the mud wrestling pits that is Primark. Its no wonder Lulu got so excited!

Still its kinda pyshic that I had the dream then heard the news.

Monday, December 12, 2005

BA Christmas Party

This year BA's Xmas party was at On Anon night club in Central London. Here are some of the people who partied into the night.

Carmen & Tracey
Half of the gang

Carmen & Gary
Aisha, Candice & Carmen

Did you know... Graphite Pencils

This from the Metro factfile:

The first pencils were sticks of Cumbria graphite used by the 16th century farmers to mark their sheep. The Germans later made pencils from powdered graphite held together with string. The Italians thought of the wooden casing still in use today. New Yorker Joseph Rachendorfer invented the rubber-tipped pencil in 1858.

Did you know... Peeping Tom

This from the Metro Factfile:
The term 'peeping Tom' can be traced back to the 11th century Coventry. The town's ruler Earl Leofric, had challenged his wife, Lady Godiva, to ride a horse naked through town to top him imposing an oppressive tax. She did - and a tailer called Peeping Tom was the only person who ignored her request to not be watched.

On Spontonaity

I wonder if my male friends have the same issues as me.. or is it just me....

Behind closed doors... ie in front of lulu.... and in response to a Starwars Revenge of the Sith radio ad I break out in quotes from the movie:

Denzil Obiwan
: But you were the chosen one [makes lightsabre sound and corresponding hand movements to indicate sabre slashing]

Princess Leia-Lu (unfortunately without the hair bun curls): Wot is wrong with you?!?! Are you right there?? You've lost it!!! See what computers do to you? The inner geek is coming out! [all the while looking over her eyebrows at me]

So do other males get the same sort of reactions from their partners when they break out in spontaneous bursts of random movie quoting/song/dance? Please leave comments and make me feel like I'm normal!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Yes Gordan I'm Another Year Older.

Another year, another year older. Time certainly does travel faster when you get older!! This year certainly has gone in the blink of an eye. I'm now alittle older at 33, and perhaps abit wiser.

For my birthday Lulu was able to secure a reservation at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant at Claridge's. Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chief in much the same way Jamie Oliver is. (side note is Gordon Ramsay known back home in Australia?)

We had a brilliant 3 course meal with classy silver service. This is the kind of restaurant that celebrities and the social elite dine... commoners like myself generally have to book 6 months in advance! How on earth Lulu managed the reservation is beyond me! Gotta love that woman!

I can't get by the quality of service at this place. A waiter comes by with our orders while 2 other waiters present the food to our table. Considering that a glass of orange juice costs 5.00 pounds I don't know if this would be a regular occurance - despite that the quality and size of the servings being exceptional.

And the best part of the experience was that we saw the man himself - Gordon Ramsay! But unlike his cooking shows we didn't hear him swear.. hahahaha. Seeing Gordon at the restaurant added a special element to the lunch because we thought he would be like Jamie Oliver and not actually work in his restaurants anymore. Unfortunately he left before we could pin him down to get a photo with him! It's nice to know that Gordon himself could have made my lunch :D

Monday, December 05, 2005

Xmas Dinner Party

Last Sunday Belinda, Denz and I joined Cindy and her flatmate Christian for a Pre-Christmas Dinner. We all had a lovely night of cooking and eating together.

Our menu consisted of:
  • Mini pancakes with smoked salmon & cream cheese.
  • Black olives & cheeses with crackers


  • Roasted Leg of Lamb with mixed herbs served with Cranberry sauce
  • Roasted potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes & zuchinnis.


  • Light apple tart
  • Baileys chocolate mousse tiramisu

Everything was made from scratch so a big thank you to Cindy for the lovely roast!

    Friday, December 02, 2005


    "FAME!!! I wanna live forever.... I wanna learn how to fly.. FLY!!! "

    We saw Fame, the musical tonite. But I guess you figured that out already!! Cindy and Rossie joined us also. They too loved it. I think they loved it for the music, the dancing.. and most of all the hot guy dancers!!! I'm sure they were more than a bit flushed!!!

    To be fair, I enjoyed it for most of the same reasons - except for the hot guy dancers.. the female dancers where drop dead geogous too! Definite something for him and her to look at!!

    What really amazed all of us was how talented all the people in the cast are. Not only were they brilliant dancers but boy could they sing. The songs perhaps weren't as catchy as say Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserable, but the energy on stage and the story was great.

    Thursday, December 01, 2005