Wednesday, September 21, 2005

NYC... We back!

Well folks Lulu and I got back from New York City this morning. We both enjoyed the city immensely. Lulu for the shopping... me for the shopping...

What was that?

Me for the shopping?? Well heck yeah!! But only because of this one shop. Ok. So its a camera shop. And I finally bought my new digital camera. I'm so happy I was literally bouncing on the bed the morning that I went to buy it!!! Stop laughing. I know you are laughing because I am :D

For those who care (most of you probably don't) I got the Canon 350D digital SLR. Actually in the States its named Canon Rebel XT. The Yanks like to give everything names. I prefer the 350D designation myself. But then I'm a geek (and photographer - most photographers have the same preference too).

We'll blog NYC properly later.... I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for my new camera first! hahaha.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Ashes...

Trafalgar Square erupted in celebration for the home coming of The Ashes.

Men of Valour fought to retain it in foreign Australian soil.
Men of Courage claim the victory.

Never before have I seen so many people in Trafalgar Square. Not even the announcement of the Olympic bid did Trafalgar draw so many people. Never before have I seen the English so jubulant in their excitement. So many voices ring out in victory song.

(And if you listened very carefully... you could hear the distance rumblings of "Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!")


Its not a good day to be an Australian in Londontown.

Photos will be posted later.

The cravings...

I have needs...
I have wants...
BBQ chicken goodness...
Greasy KFC....
Protein shakes...

Every since I wolfed down an entire chicken and tried a few protein shakes I've been getting cravings for protein. I've starving... Went to the gym yesterday. And today. I'm craving. I need a chicken...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

For all you women out there - RETAIL THERAPY


The Sydney Morning Herald has a short video with tips to become an expert shopper.

The high streets of London have great sales on. Some places you can get everything in store for £5!!! Lulu and Cindy has already hit those.... good thing they havent seen this video yet...

On protein shakes...

Many moons and winters ago, a younger Denzil once tried his eldest brother's protein shake. It tastes like shit...

Fast forward to today.

Denzil gets up early.
Denzil goes to the gym.
Denzil feels pain.

Denzil tries a protein shake £3.60 for 46grams of whey protein in a milk chocolate shake.

It still tastes like shit. To be fair it tasted ok - the first half did. The taste became overpowering in the second half and made me feel sick. The sway of the bus (note to self: don't sit on the top deck of the bus - this exaggerates the sway) didn't help.

You'd think after many years they'd be able to improve the taste.

Last time I went to the gym I ate an entire chicken afterwards. I didn't feel that crash hot afterwards either. Maybe steak is the way to go to get my protein...

Read this if your interested about protein shakes.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Saturday Gym Junkie

11am - 1pm... Oh my lordie! Did I really spend all that time at the gym??

Must have... coz afterwards I was so hungry I could have eaten a horse... Of course no horses were hurt in the preparation of my meal, but one entire medium BBQ chicken did sucumb to my stomach of steal. I'm also thinking about starting to drink protein suppliments for muscle growth.

Denzil's 3 point plan for muscle growth:

  This is what I looked like before I started going to the gym. Skin and bones despite having a pretty healthy appetite. One day I hope a small t-shirt will not look like a large on me.
Me. Perhaps in a few more months, many gym sessions and lots of protein shakes later - me with a decent bit of muscle. Perhaps I'll have to start wearing medium t-shirts.

This is what I would like to look like. A solid ball of muscle that would rip a t-shirt at the slightest flex of a muscle. Ok, ok.. so I probably could do that now, but that would mean wearing very very tight t-shirts.

Saturday Afternoon Movie: Paint Your Wagon

It always amuses me where you find pearls of wisdom and things for thought. This one is from Paint Your Wagon, the only musical Clint Eastwood starred and sang in.

PARDNER: Ben, do you uh.. you get the feeling you need a drink?
BEN: How did you know?
PARDNER: 'Cause I do too.
BEN: But Pardner, you don't drink.
PARDNER: No, but I'm changing.
BEN: Hmmm, and it takes a woman to do it. Bless their hearts

And another:

Mrs. Fenty: You should read the Bible, Mr. Rumson.
Ben Rumson: I have read the Bible, Mrs. Fenty.
Mrs. Fenty: Didn't that discourage you about drinking?
Ben Rumson: No, but it sure killed my appetite for readin'!

More here:

I'd say this movie has more good quotes than a single episode of The Simpson.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Weekend trip to Boston with Carmen 19-21Aug05

The original Cheers Bar The most unusual block of flats i've seen in Cambridge - Harvard University's home town
Carmen and I having cocktails after getting rejected entry at night clubs becoz we forgot our ID!
Girls would've got free entry before 11pm too! damn!
 Boston Duck Tours

Michael & Yvonne's visit 17Aug05

Visitors from Sydney - Mike & Yvonne enjoy a good 'ol pub meal with Dan, Belinda, Denzil and I at Covent Garden.